Independent Teeth Whitening Specialist’s Mobile System

Independent Teeth Whitening Specialist’s System



We Offer a Mobile Teeth Whitening Systems for our independent teeth whitening specialists, along with access to our mobile app for receiving teeth whitening service orders to customer’s doorstep.
Teeth Whitening Centers has developed the most complete, practical and lightweight Mobile Teeth Whitening System in the industry. in fact, we have 1 essential packages, also we can make a custom package for you when needed.

Mobile Start-Up essential Package:

1 Beyond II Teeth Whitening Machine
1 Travel bag that fits all your products.
3 OSMO 5 Patient Professional Teeth Whitening Kits
2 Pair Goggles
100 Promotional Flyers with Teeth Shade Guide
1 Training Packet with Waiver and After-Care Instructions
1 Teeth whitening Certificate (upon passing our exam).

1 Carton of cotton rolls paste

1 Gemini home care package

2 Pearl White toothpaste

2 Sensitivity toothpaste

2 Osmo Personal use pens

10 Cheek retractors

1-WAINoO Electronic business card.

1000 high quality printed business card with WAINoO code printed on the cards

1- Polo shirt Branded with Teeth Whitening Centers logo.

1- Branded Cap.

1- Mobile APP Access to receive unlimited teeth whitening requests.

1- Name Tag.


Finance options are available please apply now to get your kit with easy payments

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We highly recommend that you look into our other products. You can customize your package with additional supplies and/or marketing materials as you desire to suit your business needs.

Offering mobile teeth whitening is very profitable and very easy. You just need to follow our proven system to market it.

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